Apple Vinegar Honey

Apple Vinegar Honey is made of natural honey and the formula for making top grade vinegar is brewed through a special process. Vinegar is excellent for health. It may be drunk as a cold or warm drink after meals.
Apple Vinegar Honey
Drinking apple vinegar has multiple advantages. It balances your inside cosmos. It will supplement you with rich vitamins, fruit acid and many more minerals. It will also provide you with energy. This finely brewed honey vinegar has the flavor of mother nature and each drop is an essence for beautician.


- Maintain health, protect sin & body system.

- Help digesting system & prevent constitation problem.

- Prevent mouth problem (Halitosis).

- Reduce body weight & burn fat effectively.

- Help to increase stamina.

- Help to prevent joint & muscle problem.

- Reduce fatingue.

- Help to prevent cold and flu.

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