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Types Of Bees

 Types Of Bees


Amegilla quadrifasciata (Villers), female, from Germany (anthophoriform, Apidae).


Amegilla (Zonamegilla) sp., female, from Sabah (anthophoriform Apidae).


Andrena sp., male, from California (andreniform).


Andrena sp., male, from California (andreniform ).


Andrena tscheki Morawitz, female, from Germany (andreniform, Andrenidae ).


Anthidiellum notatum robertsoni (Cockerell), female, from California, on resin cell attached to stem (anthophoriform, Megachilidae).


Anthophora bombodies stanfordiana Cockerell, female, from California (anthophoriform).


Anthophora fulvitarsis Brulle, female, from Germany (anthophoriform, Apidae).


Apis cerana Fabricius, worker, from Thailand (apiform, Apidae).


Apis florea Fabricius, workers, from India (apiform, Apidae).


Nomada armata Herrich-Schaffer, female, from Germany (nomadiform, Apidae).


Augochlorella pomoniella (Cockerell), female, from California (andreniform, Halict-idae).


Bombus hypnorum (Linnaeus), queen, from Germany (bombiform).


Bombus sp., worker on Hypercium flower, from California (bombiform).


Bombus sylvarum (Linnaeus), queen, from Germany (bombiform, Apidae).


Cell cluster of spring nest of Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) malachurum (Kirby), in Germany, showing pollen balls, eggs (extreme right and left), and small larvae (Halictidae).


Osmia sp., female, from California (hoplitiform, an unusually slender-bodied Osmia, family Megachilidae).


Epelous sp., female, from California (epeoliform, Apidae).


Euglossa sp., male, from Brazil, with orchid pollinium on dorsum (anthophoriform, Apidae).


Eulaema sp., male, from Ecuador, with orchid pollinium on dorsum (euceriform to anthophoriform, Apidae).


Halictus farinosus Smith, female, from California (andreniform, Halictidae).


Heriades crenulata Nylander, male, from Germany, on flower of Anthemis tinctoria ( a relatively robust heriadi-form bee, family Megachilidae).


Hoplitis (Hoplitis) adunca (Panzer), female, from Germany (hoplitiform, Megachilidae).


Hylaeus angustatus (Schenck), male, from Germany (hylaeiform).


Hylaeus variegatus (Fabricius), female, from Germany, on flower of Tanacetum vulgare ( a relatively robust example of a hylaeiform bee, family Colletidae).


Megachile (Sayapis) fidelis Cresson, female, from California (chalicodomiform, Megachilidae).


Megachile sp., female, from Arizona ( megachiliform, Megachilidae).


Megachile sp., male mating, with expanded front tarsi covering female's eyes, from California (mega-chiliform).


Megalopta sp., female, a nocturnal halictid from Brazil (andreniform, Halictidae).


Meliponula (Meliponula) bocandei (Spinola), worker, from Congo, transferring pollen from middle leg to hind leg while hovering in front of flower (robust apiform or short-haired anthophoriform, Apidae).


Melissodes sp., female, from California (euceriform, Apidae).


Melissodes sp., male, from California, on flower of Bidens laevis (euceriform).


Nest of Colletes similis Schenck, from Germany, artificially exposed in a cliff, showing the cellphane-like cell lining surrounding two provisioned cell (Colletidae).


Nest of Osmia (Helicosmia) aurulenta (Panzer), in Germany, in shell of dead snail, opened to show two cell.


Nest of Osmia (Osmia) rufa (Linnaeus), in Germany, in dead bamboo stem, showing mud partitions between cell and small larvae feeding on stored pollen ( Megachilidae).


Nomada sp., female, from California (nomadiform).


Nomia melanderi Cockerell, female, from Wyoming (andreniform, Halictidae).


Ceratina sp., female, from California, on flower of Diplacus anrantiacum (hylaeiform, Apidae).


Perdita sp., female, from California (andreniform, Andrenidae).


Rhodanthidium siculum (Spinola), female, from Tunisia (chalicodomiform, Megachilidae).


Thyreus histrionicus (llliger),female, from Germany (anthophoriform);


Thyreus sp., from Congo (anthophoriform, Apidae).


Trachusa ( Heteranthidium ) cordaticeps (Michener), male, from Arizona (megachiliform, Megachilidae).


Trigona ferricauda Cockerell, worker, from Panama, on flower of Impatiens (trigoniform, Apidae).


Trigona(Tridona)williana friese, worker, from Peru (trigoniform).


Xenoglossa angustior Cockerell, female,from Arizona(euceriform,Apidae).


Xylocopa(Koptortosoma)caffra(Linnaeus),female, from Namibia (anthophoriform,Apidae)